Vehicle Tracking System

We manufacture and supply Vehicle Tracking Systems that are used for collecting and analyzing the information of mobile assets. These not only provide for real time and historical tracking on web but also provide alerts and scheduled reports through SMS and email. When a cellular network is available, the unit transmits the GPS data to the server along with optionally (RFID/ Finger tip, level, Temp or other device) data to the server thru GPRS. In case the network availability is not there, data is stored in internal memory which is transmitted to the server later when network become available. The product is simple to install, just mount it on the front dashboard (GPS requires visibility of the sky) and connect the two wires to the battery of the Vehicle. A unique feature is that the GPS & GPRS antennas are enclosed; saving in cost of installation of antennas and this also reduces the chances of mechanical damage to the antennas.

We have our own Vehicle Tracking Software. It is a shared web application that allows the person to view the vehicle on a Geographic map. Through these, the multi layer maps of all the cities are available and the position of vehicle is also displayed on these maps. The information regarding position is received from all vehicles, which is stored in the database. In order to view the location of a vehicle, the person must log into web application. The application is a multitenant application. A company subscribing to can create their own users who can view only those vehicles prescribed by their Administrator