Technology Partners



Two Technologies has been designing and manufacturing customizable, rugged mobile, industrial, hand held computers and hand held terminals for industrial and commercial applications since 1987. With over 400 GEM partners, 4,000 customers and over a million products in the field, Two Technologies rugged mobile computers and industrial terminals can be found in a multitude of different applications: surveying and measurement, transportation and distribution, medical, manufacturing, field service, hospitality, agriculture, security, government, gaming, etc.,.

Analogics with the technical collaboration with Two Technologies is jointly exploring business opportunities in the overseas markets and exporting hand held computers to various countries like Mauritius, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Portugal, Kenya, Bangladesh etc.



Innovatrics is focused on providing fast, accurate, interoperable and sensor independent fingerprint recognition software for incorporation into final biometric applications. Innovatrics components offer exceptional performance perfectly suitable for both, high-end and low-cost biometric applications. Nowadays, independent software vendors, system integrators, biometric sensor manufacturers and AFIS constructors demand fast and accurate fingerprint recognition algorithm, capable of sensor interoperability and compliant with biometric standards. By working closely with these global partners, Innovatrics pursues its vision to bring the ultimate fingerprint recognition software to various biometric market segments and applications such as access control, network security and identification systems.

Analogics has an exclusive tie-up with Innovatrics, France for De-duplication process. Innovatrics is focused on providing fast, accurate, inter operable and sensor independent fingerprint recognition software for incorporation into final biometric applications.



Congatec AG was founded in December 2004 and has since grown into a leading manufacturer of embedded computer modules with subsidiaries in Taiwan, USA and Czech Republic. The corporate mission of Congatec is design, development, and worldwide marketing of industrial computer modules based on standard form factors. In the embedded computer technology (ECT) market, Congatec is considered an innovative and technology leader. In the European market, Congatec is ranked third when compared to the largest embedded CPU-module manufacturers. Congatec products are built “ready-touse” allowing customers to develop their final products faster and hence more cost efficiently.

Analogics have a tie up with Congatec AG. We are the authorized distributer of embedded modules like Q seven, XTX, ETX, Com Express etc of Congatec in India.



Lumidigm, Inc. is established in July 2001 as a privately held company. Lumidigm engineers have built and tested prototype biometric systems. Studies using hundreds of subjects over multiple-month periods of time, demonstrate that Lumidigm’s biometric performance is best of class. Lumidigm’s technology advantage is protected by numerous United States and International PCT patents and applications.

Analogics is in Joint Venture Collaboration with Lumidigm offering better solutions for Biometric based applications .