Analogics Tech India Ltd. - Demo Videos

Handheld Solution for real field Biometric Deployments

Analogics Linux OS based Hand Held (Rider2T/2I ) units are successful in various sectors because of its unique set of features like 3.5" QVGA Touch Display, Multi spectral Fingerprint scanner, Voice Enabled (in 12 languages), Two Contact & Contact Less card readers, SAM slots, GPRS/CDMA communication, inbuilt camera and 2 inch impact/thermal printer.

Our Rider2T device can be used for both enrolments and transactions. Our device will replace laptop, Camera, separate fingerprint sensor and printer for enrolment. Our device comply with micro atm and IDRBT standards

In rural banking, currently our Hand Held devices are being used by TCS, HCL, Bartronics India for Financial Inclusion in different rural areas for the banks like State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, State Bank of Patiala, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of Hyderabad, Maharashra Grameena Bank, ICICI, State bank of Travancore, State Bank of Mysore and many more banks.

All our hand helds are integrated with Lumidigm, Multispectral fingerprint Scanners which are able to work in real field conditions like Dirt, Dry, Wet, Grease and Direct Sun light which is demonstrated in the video.

Handheld Computer with Smart Card

Analogics Hand Held Computer is being utilized by Cash Card/Loyalty Card Service Provider Company in Mauritius . Analogics Hand held computer has built in GSM/GPRS which facilitates instant communication to the server. Analogics Hand Held Computer (HHC) is designed for easy operations. The HHC is less in weight and handy for easy operation. The Hand Held Computer is loaded with Customized Application Software and the keys are customized.

Analogics Hand Held Computer is used for different applications like Online ticketing, Reservation ticketing, Bus ticketing, Electricity billing, water billing, Collecting field data, bills on-spot and many more.