Cell Tower Monitoring system  
Cell Tower Monitoring system is a high end Web-based system with customized hard ware solution for Tower sites. The CTMS reads energy measurement and status /fault alarm data at any cell tower station. Data acquired and logged will be sent through GSM /GPRS / CDMA modems to a central server. CTMS provides Monitoring, Management, Tracking and Reporting information and tenants' site sharing information for Service Providers.


CTMS Unit can Read
  • Three (3) AC meters data
  • Analog inputs from other analog sensing inputs (like temperature, fuel level etc.)
  • Facility to read operator wise energy consumption display
  • CTMS unit logs in the measured energy data and alarm data and sends over wireless (GSM/ GPRS /CDMA) modem
  • Reading of AC energy meters (up to three meters).
  • Potential Free (NO/NC), provision for 24nos