Traffic Violation Management System
A solution developed for Indian Police/Cops for managing vehicle traffic violation information and increasing the efficiency of fine collection. The hand held terminals used in the system work on GSM/GPRS technologies to communicate data to Traffic Police central server. In case of a violation, a challan or an official receipt is generated on the spot and information is updated to the central server. The terminal retrieves from central server data related to previous offences based on the vehicle number, driver name and license details.

Key Features

  • System consists of Hand held terminals given to traffic police/cops and central
    server where traffic violation information is stored and managed.
  • In case of violation, the cop can generate challan/receipt on the spot
  • Provision to collect payment on the spot or opt for a facility to go to court

Key Benefits

  • Ability to trace previous offences information
  • Enhanced transparency and accountability
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Real-time server update
  • On-the spot receipt printing
  • Supports both online and offline transactions