Solar Powered Cell Tower Management System
An intelligent and comprehensive solution for controlling, monitoring and managing telecom power stations. CTMS along with the integrated Solar Power Pack will enable substantial savings in diesel consumption and reduction in carbon emissions. It controls the power flow to Base Transceiver Station (BTS) loads on pre-set priority basis to get the optimum utilization of power.

Key Features

  • High end Web-based system with customized hard ware solution
  • Complete solution for unmanned cell tower station.
  • Priority based energy source selection, with maximum preference to renewable source (Solar/wind energy), thus reducing operational costs
  • Priority of energy usage: Solar/wind energy, Battery bank, Supply from Grid, Diesel Generator.
  • Acquired data is sent to central server through GSM/GPRS.
  • Helps monitor power generation of all energy sources, consumption by loads and diesel level
  • Generates alarms in emergency events including high room temperature, low diesel and fire.
  • Remote controlling of Air Conditioning, Lighting system, BTS and CCTV, Asset monitoring and Access control
  • Reports generation including Energy generation and consumption, Diesel consumption, Battery charge/ Discharge cycles, Alarm counts, Operations and Maintenance reports.