By linking each beneficiary’s record with Aadhaar, inefficiencies in the Public Distribution System (PDS) can be eliminated. The solution brings in the use of a Hand Held Terminal (HHT), compatible for reading smartcards, to check the identity of the individual, provide the quota of supplies and update the information to central server.

Key Features

  • Aadhaar enabled hand held terminal, with connectivity to central server
  • Smart cards to replace existing “ration cards”
  • Authentication based on fingerprint or one-time-password
  • Upon successful verification, terminal retrieves entitlement details from
    central server
  • Real-time update to server upon issue of subsidized commodities

Key Benefits

  • Elimination of fraud by middle-men
  • Transparency, accountability and traceability
  • Remote monitoring of fair price shops
  • Real time access to transaction data