Meter Data Acquisition (MDA) software is designed to configure and acquire data from all Energy meters. The system acquires data from various kinds of meters installed in the field through modems, processes the data, validates and converts the same into CDF format like XML, stores and transmits to MDMS (Meter Data Management System) for further analysis and reporting.


  • Supports both 2G/ 3G technologies
  • Supports MIOS compliant/ Modbus/ IEC 62056-21/ DLMS Meters
  • IP based communication, enabling simultaneous data access from hundreds/
    thousands of CAMRs
  • Secure and reliable data transfer through VPN
  • Capturing real-time tamper alerts/ event notifications
  • SMS alerts to field mobile phones as per configuration
  • Online monitoring of vital instantaneous parameters including voltages, currents
    energies, powers, power factors, tamper events and power quality
  • Two way communication facilitating monitoring, control and administration
  • Intelligence in communication i.e. in case of any communication break during data
    transfer, leftover data is sent in the next cycle
  • Common data acquisition and Management software at server end, for any meter
    and for any communication technology