A Hand Held Computer which comes with open source Linux or Android OS and a SDK, which helps in rapid deployment of custom applications that can be developed in Java or C. The terminal can be equipped with integrated wireless features like GSM, GPRS, WLAN and 3G. It can be customized with various features like finger print sensor, contact/contactless card reader, camera, GPS etc. The device can be deployed virtually for many applications in the field. Its rugged construction and long battery life enhance its usability.


  • Compact & Low Cost
  • Rugged IP 65 Compliant
  • High Speed ARM Cortex A8 Processor with 1 Ghz speed
  • Linux/Android OS
  • 3.5 QVGA TFT Display with Touch panel
  • Integrated GSM/GPRS/3G/WLAN Modules
  • Integrated Contact/Contactless Card Reader*
  • Inbuilt 1D/2D Bar Code Scanner, Camera, GPS and Finger Print Sensor*

Application Areas

  • Voter ID
  • Rural banking
  • POS courier delivery
  • Meter Data Collection



Processor : High speed ARM Cortex A8 Processor @1GhZ
OS :
Android 4.1/ Linux OS Kernel 3.2.1
Memory : 512 MB RAM 
8 GB Flash
Expandable SD-CARD Up to 32 GB
Communication Ports : 1-USB 2.0 Client
1-RS232 OR 10/100 Ethernet
Wireless :
WLAN 802.15.4 b/g/n (only on Linux)
Bluetooth 4.1
Power :
Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery, 2600mAh Capacity 
External adapter 10V 2A rating
Display & Keypad :
3.5" QVGA TFT with Touch panel
30 keys keypad
Camera :
3MP/ 5MP Auto focus camera
Location :
Operating Conditions : Temperature (0°C - 50°C)
5-95% RH (Non condensing)
Dimensions : 185 mm x 95 mm x 43 mm

  • Lotus