Kisan Mitra Lifeline
LIFE LINE, a beneficial solution to farmers, consists of Solar Water Pump Controller and an added feature to export excess solar power to the utility grid. The solution promises additional revenue to farmer, who can export power to grid when water pumping is not required (during non seasonal time/ water not available to pump/ water pump is turned off).


  • Three phase Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to drive the 3 Phase Submersible
    or Surface mount motors (ranging from 3HP to 10Hp).
  • Drives the water pump with Solar PV Power without any intermediaries or
    battery storage.
  • Can be switched from Pump driver to Grid Tied Inverter.
  • User friendly controls and power export Energy Meter (net meter) to record AC
    energy exported to utility grid.
  • When pump is not in use, the controller of Lifeline/RythuMitra can be
    switched over to Solar Inverter mode with a local change over switch or
    remotely through mobile device.


  • Ensures total protection for pump sets against dry run, short circuit, over voltage
    and under voltage.
  • Output overload & short circuit protection
  • IGBT over current protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Surge Protection at Input & Output
  • Dry Run Protection
  • DC Isolator switch for PV isolation

Key Benefits

  • Reduces the dependency on grid supply.
  • Additional source of income to farmer thus making him less susceptible to
    financial crisis/ crop failures
  • Maximum revenue can be generated by exporting solar power to grid at noon,
    when solar panels happen to output the most electrical power.
  • Added water pump protection circuitry results in longer pump life.