Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)
A DCU is usually installed in a sub-station. It is an intelligent device with built-in LPR modules to acquire data from Electronic Energy Meters or MIUs using AMR Software. Its’ in-built 2G/ 3G module then transmits data to the Data Acquisition Server Interfaced with Data Logger PC. 

A Meter Interface Unit (MIU) is connected to Electronic Energy Meters and enables wireless transmission of data from meters to DCUs. It eliminates conventional cabling requirements between meters and DCUs, thereby ensuring a quantum jump and data integrity of the system.


Features of DCU

  • Compact and Easy to install
  • Supports any of the communication technologies 2G/ 3G.
  • Supports MIOS compliant/ Modbus / IEC 62056-21/ DLMS Meters.
  • IP (internet protocol) based Communication, enabling simultaneous data access from hundreds of AMRs/ DCUs. Secure and reliable data transfer through VPN.
  • Can be made a wireless system with the use of MIUs
  • Real-time Tamper Alerts/ Event notifications to Data Centre/ Field official Mobile phones through SMS.
  • Online monitoring of vital Instantaneous parameters like voltages, currents, energies, power, power factors, power quality etc.
  • Power Outage Management
  • Remotely configurable and feasible firmware upgradation
  • Inbuilt universal power supply (1-Phas/3-Phase) with battery backup (optional)
  • GPS time synchronization from central server for effective energy audit
  • Two way communication facilitating monitoring, controlling and administration.
  • Buffering of data in the event of loss of communication or power interruption.
  • Common Optical Probe to connect to any Meter.
  • Independent of field power supply (like 110V,220V, 440V).
  • Common Data Acquisition & Management Software at Server end, for any meter type and
    for any communication technology.
  • Type tested for protection against Environment, EMI-EMC, Surge etc.

Application Areas

  • Smart Grid Solutions
  • Automatic Meter Reading


Processor : ARM 9, 400 Mhz
Operating System :
Interface : RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet 
Wireless : WLAN (IEEE802.11 b/g)
Integrated GSM/GPRS/EDGE
Integrated Low Power Radio Module
Digital Input/ Output ports :
24 each
Analog Input ports :
16 (16bit)
Memory :
Upto 512 MB RAM
Upto 4 GB Flash

  • Data Concentrator Unit (DCU)