Biometric based Attendance
The tedious task of monitoring time and attendance of workforce and students can be simplified with our reliable products and solutions. Our products – Lotus for Mobile Attendance and Bio Watch Lumidigm along with our Web based solutions can help control labour costs, maximize productivity and effectively monitor attendance.

Lotus for Mobile Attendance

  • Hand held terminal with integrated Sagem CBM – E3 finger print scanner
  • Optional peripherals: Bar code scanner, camera, contactless card reader and GPS
  • Open source Linux or Android OS to support custom applications
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Bio Watch Lumidigm

  • Fastest fingerprint-matching algorithm and multispectral sensor technology
  • Captures detailed surface and deep tissue data
  • Suitable for any environmental condition and finger skin condition.
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Contract Labour Management System

  • Web based application to monitor contractors and labourers online
  • Use of biometric fingerprint technology for verification of each individual
  • Effective time-management of workforce to enable accurate labour costs
  • Increased accountability and productivity