Bio Watch Lumidigm
The Bio Watch Lumidigm, with its fastest fingerprint-matching algorithm and multispectral sensor technology, maintains its performance in almost any environment. It eliminates performance problems associated with conventional fingerprint sensors. The scanner protects against fake and spoof fingerprints by capturing detailed surface and deep tissue data. Lumidigm’s sensor multispectral technology can capture fingerprints in any weather condition like rain, snow, cold, dry, dust or hot. High-quality images are captured by multispectral sensor even when fingerprint ridges are hard to distinguish due to genetics, age, dirt, finger placement or environmental conditions.


  • High quality images and spoof detection
  • 1-touch 1-second employee recognition
  • Verification 1 :1 and 1: N
  • Capacity to store 50000 templates and 200000
  • No need to enter PINs
  • Tamper-proof switch and alarm outputs
  • Request-to-exit and alarm contacts
  • Operates stand-alone without a computer
  • TCP/IP, serial and Wiegand interfaces
  • Supports Contactless Smart Cards like Mifare 4K
  • Master/ Slave option to transfer templates without a
  • Audio-Visual indications for acceptance & rejection of
    valid and invalid fingerprints
  • SDK available for OEM customers and software
  • Eliminates failure to enrol/ FTE and failure to acquire

Application Areas

  • Field Work force management
  • Time and attendance needs



Processor : High speed ARM Cortex A8 Processor @1GhZ
OS :
Android / Linux OS Kernel 3.2
Memory : 512 MB RAM 
4 GB Flash
Expandable SD-CARD
Wireless : WLAN IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
GSM / GPRS / 3G,
Bluetooth 4.0
Identification :
RFID Reader
Communication Ports :
1-USB host
1-USB device
1-Weigan in
1-Weigand out
Power Supply :
12V DC, 3A
Display :
3.5" QVGA TFT with Touch panel
Camera :
3MP/ 5MP Auto focus camera
Fingerprint capacity :
50000 templates
Fingerprint scanner :
Multi-spectral Venus finger print scanner
500DPI resolution
0.7” x 1.1” inch platen size
Access control Interface :
Electric lock, door sensor, exit button, alarm, door bell
Environmental Rating :
IP 65
Output :
ISO19794-2 (template)
Image Type :
8 Bits, 256 levels
Operating Temperature :
0°C - 50°C
Operating Humidity :
0 – 100% Condensing

  • Bio Watch Lumidigm