Automatic Meter Reader (AMR)
An advanced meter reading device which automatically collects data from Electronic Energy Meters using optical port and transfers the acquired data to the server with its in-built 2G/ 3G communication technologies. It is compact, easy to install in existing meter boxes and can be remotely configured or programmed.



  • Compact and Easy to Install
  • On line monitoring of vital Billing parameters and tamper events
  • Load Control
  • Power outage, Quality Power Management and Tamper Management
  • Energy auditing and accounting
  • Data collection from different energy meters irrespective of make and model.
  • Supports any of the communication technologies including 2G/ 3G
  • In built 6 KV surge protected SMPS based Power Supply
  • 1 Open collector output for external device control and 1 Input for tamper sensing
  • Supports MIOS compliant/ Modbus / IEC 62056-21/ DLMS Meters
  • Integrated IEC 1107, Pact, ANSI compatible optical port for interfacing most of the reputed energy Meters.
  • Two way communication facilitating monitoring, control and administration.
  • Facilitates GPS time synchronization from Central server for effective energy audit.
  • Type Tested for protection against Environment, EMI - EMC, Surge, AC Voltage etc.

Application Areas

  • Smart Grid Solutions
  • Automatic Meter Reading


Processor : ARM
Memory : 4MB Non-volatile data memory 
Maximum Output power : 2W for GSM 900 MHz.
1W for GSM 1800 MHz.
Input Voltage :
80 – 300 V AC (110 / 230 V ± 30%)
SIM Interface :
3V / 5V
GPRS Data Rate :
38.4 Kbps max (depends on service provider)
Average Data Storage per day :
120 KB
Dimensions :
141 x 83 x 33 mm
Operating Temperature : Storage -20°C to 70°C
Operating 0°C to 55°C

  • Automatic Meter Reader (AMR)